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Freshman info

2020 Entry information to Hungary for UD students regarding the COVID-19 situation


As of 1st July it seems that restrictions are gradually being released in Debrecen. Hungary has successfully concluded the first phase of its efforts against the novel coronavirus and it was the first European Union member to rescind its special legal order and introduced Covid-19 pandemic preparedness period.
As the epidemic is on a downward trend in Hungary, the University plans to start the academic year as usual  in September.
First, please make sure that you pay the fees mentioned in your Letter of Acceptance as soon as possible, but until the given deadlines the latest.
You will find below some important information regarding your entry to Hungary and the compulsory Medical check-up!



1. Medical check-up procedure


We would like to share some important information about the medical check-up procedure and requirements of the University of Debrecen.

You can reach all the necessary instructions and documents by clicking here!

Please read it carefully, follow the steps and make sure that you bring all necessary documents with you for the registration.



2. Entry information to Hungary


Travel information
As the situation changes day-by-day and  country-by-country some flight can be cancelled, or it is possible that there is no direct flight to Budapest or Debrecen International Airport.

Please look for alternative connections to Budapest Airport.

E.g. generally speaking there are connections from Frankfurt, Munich, Dubai, Istanbul, Doha, Amsterdam, Paris, London to Budapest.
Please check regularly the website of the airlines!

According to our information (09/07/2020) Wizzair will restart flights again in August to Debrecen International Airport

Transfer from Budapest Airport:
Our TroubleShooter office can help you arrange door-to door minibus shuttle from Budapest Airport to Debrecen. For more info, please click here.



2.1. In case you are from a VISA bound country


  • As soon as the payment is confirmed by our Financial Department (it may take up to 10 days), we shall post you the visa supporting documents.
  • When you receive the visa supporting documents, please start the VISA application as soon as possible.
  • According to our recent information the majority of the Hungarian Embassies has already opened and started the D-type VISA application procedure. 


Please check your local Hungarian Embassy’s websites regularly  for more information on VISA application procedure! The Embassies will publish all recent information to their website.


  • In case the Hungarian Embassy in your country remains closed or does not accept D-type Visa applications until the end of August, late arrival will be possible. Although we are currently working on the details, you will be informed about this scenario in time.


2.2. In case you are from a non-VISA bound country


Your local Hungarian Embassy/Consulate/Representation will provide you a certificate with which you will be able to enter to the Schengen zone upon request.

You may download the certificate from here.



2.3. Entry requirements and quarantine information (updated on 1st July 2020)


  • According to the government decree issued on 18 June 2020, travel restriction are still in force in Hungary. Entry permissions can be granted to students who follow the necessary administrative procedures and provide the required documents.
  • We will provide information regarding those documents, therefore we advise you to check your email frequently and follow the instructions sent to you and also published on our website!
  • All individuals who receive an entry permit are obliged to undergo a medical examination at the border to check for signs of Covid-19 infection. Those individuals suspected of infection will not be allowed to enter Hungary.
  • If there is no suspicion of infection, individuals will still be required to quarantine at home for 14 days.


Quarantine information:

  • Upon entering Hungary, you are obliged to go into a 14-day home quarantine. You have to provide an address to the authorities where you will stay during these 14 days. 

Our info point: TroubleShooter will help you find a proper accommodation in Debrecen. Please contact them directly for further assistance!

  • Before travelling to Hungary, please check relevant travel safety requirements and regulations (e.g. have masks or face covers).
  • Please make sure that you arrive at least 14 days before the registration period starts.
  • Exact date of the registration period is stated in your Letter of Acceptance.




Please check your e-mail account regularly as we will keep you updated regarding the current situation. Make sure you check your spam folder as well, thank you!


You can download the Joining Instructions from here!