General aims and characteristics

While preserving its leading position in Hungarian higher education, by 2020 the University of Debrecen intends to become a top tier research university integrating education, research, health care and agricultural activities with an international ranking, found in the upper half, under both “Programs” and “Institutions”. By providing an educational portfolio in sync with market demands, the institution serves the labor market while answering the educational demands of the region’s socio-economic factors. Thanks to a wide variety of English language degree programs combined with an education of outstanding quality, the University of Debrecen has been successful in attracting the largest number of international students of any Hungarian higher education institution.

The university remains an active member of the international scientific community and, has developed partnerships with actors in the innovation economy. Its Research & Development activity, as demonstrated by publications, citations and income from research grants, has steadily grown and proven outstanding when compared nationally. Priority areas of research, such as molecular science; physical, computational and material science; molecular medicine; medical, health, environmental and agricultural science; linguistics, culture and bioethics, are focus areas selected for their multidisciplinary approach. These focus areas aim to provide answers to the socio-economic-scientific challenges emerging in the Human-Health-Environment areas in anticipation of demographic and global changes. The University of Debrecen supports students’ scientific activities as a top priority and its most promising graduates are encouraged to begin their scientific careers there. The interdisciplinary network of honors colleges, embracing the whole scientific spectrum, as well as the many Students' Scientific Associations help ensure a new generation of researchers for the local, national and international scientific communities.

The University of Debrecen provides its graduates with a practical background and labor-market oriented knowledge far above the national average by involving them in practical work through partnerships with local and national companies.

Aim of the R&D&I strategy

R&D&I strategy of the University of Debrecen outlines the criteria for selecting basic research excellence within the institution and the basis of that excellence. Recent breakthroughs in applied research and innovation were based on the high-quality research of the University of Debrecen. The secondary aim of R&D&I strategy is to designate those D&I areas and determine the tools and systems needed to increase and maintain the dynamic development achieved in applied research and innovation.
The overall aim of the R&D&I strategy is to form research groups with outstanding performance records, who publish in international publications, are able to continue competitive, revenue generating research and win international awards, while maintaining broad-based collaborations with national and foreign research institutions and industry.

To achieve these goals the University of Debrecen is continuously expanding the number of researchers and research assistants and is committed to establishing circumstances ensuring knowledge transfer can be maintained at the highest level. The University will work to improve internal research cooperation between departments.

Institutions aiming to benefit from the products of innovation need to improve the conditions of knowledge and technology transfer as well as engage in technology acceleration.
Initiatives to further develop the quality of education
The University of Debrecen aims to increase the quality of education as well as to foster the development of its region by actions such as organising internship opportunities in least developed areas and making e-learing materials available for wider groups of students.
More information about the EFOP-3.4.3-16-2016-00021 project can be found here.