Exchange of expertise in gerontology in Brussels 06. Apr. 2023

The working group deals with employment, participation and active social involvement, including lifelong learning and volunteering. The Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Debrecen has also been involved in this work in recent days.

The AGE Platform Europe working group held its latest meeting in Brussels, where our university was represented by Ágnes Bene, assistant professor of the Department of Gerontology. At the meeting, in addition to the current characterization of the member countries, participants worked on the preparation of a barometer that, in addition to developing good practices, prepares informational material for the European Commission, which also supports the work of decision-makers and elderly organizations in the member countries. In addition to the ETK assistant professor, Belgian, French, Polish, Dutch, Maltese, Spanish and Italian gerontology specialists also participated in the work process.

The Department of Gerontology of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Debrecen is a central actor in domestic gerontology. In addition to the development and teaching of professional subjects, we carry out research in various collaborations, these new results are regularly reported in our self-published scientific journal Hungarian Gerontology, and we also annually organize the Gerontology Days International Scientific Conference and the Academies of Gerontology in Nyíregyháza and Szolnok. This activity of the faculty was also very positively received in Brussels, said the assistant professor of the faculty.

In the AGE Platform Europe organization, the EU member states are represented by organizations for the elderly and institutions dealing with aging at a professional level. On the part of Hungary, this role is played by the Gerontology Coordination Center at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Debrecen, headed by Marianna Móré, dean of the Faculty of Heath Sciences of the University of Debrecen. On an international level, work is currently taking place in four thematic working groups, and the Faculty of Health Sciences is represented in all four.

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