Research Activities

The University of Debrecen contributes to the development of the economy and the society by creating and disseminating new knowledge through education and research. With fourteen faculties and more, than two hundred research groups our university has unique opportunities to launch cross-disciplinary educational and research programs.

The research and development activity, as demonstrated by the number of publications, citations and the amount of research expenditure, has steadily grown and proven outstanding when compared nationally. Priority areas of research, such as molecular science, physical, computational and material science, molecular medicine, medical, health, environmental and agricultural science, linguistics, culture and bioethics, are focus areas selected for their multidisciplinary approach. These focus areas aim to provide answers to the socio-economic-scientific challenges emerging in the Human-Health-Environment areas in anticipation of demographic and global changes. The university supports students’ scientific activities as a top priority and its most promising graduates are encouraged to begin their scientific careers there. The interdisciplinary network of honors colleges, embracing the whole scientific spectrum, as well as the many Students' Scientific Associations help ensure a new generation of researchers for the local, national and international scientific communities.