"The university of Debrecen has created a very supportive academic environment by opening the TalentUD program for all enthusiastic students from every faculty, who endeavor to be involved in researching activities. Under this management, students have an opportunity to work with many experienced professors and grasp various novel knowledge; hence, they will be able to acquire essential research skills for an outstanding career.

In light of the global pandemic situation, the university has made many efforts to ensure every student is physically and mentally healthy. One of them is mental health care program launched recently in order to provide students who are facing any psychological complaints with proper help.

There are a couple of multicultural events here at Debrecen, too. I was impressed by the annual ZAMAT FESTIVAL, where people coming from different nations have an opportunity to introduce their traditional cuisine. Through such an event, students can have a deeper understanding of each other’s culture.

If you are interested in studying abroad, the university of Debrecen will be definitely an excellent choice."


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Faculty: Science and Technology Program: Physics, BSc


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