"Dreams do come true! I realized this when I was first introduced to the amazing research oriented and talent appreciative environment at the University of Debrecen. I have been passionate about Electrical Engineering since I was young and the excellent Talent Management Program (DETEP) offered by the University of Debrecen as well as a plethora of extremely proficient academia many of which are PhDs have paved the path to the realization of my research goals. I am now confident that I can passionately work on my research objectives due to the extremely supportive and encouraging faculty and professors.

In the recent years, Debrecen has emerged as a research hub in this region of Europe and upcoming collaborations with highly prestigious research institutes like MIT will make it a true center of excellence. I would also definitely recommend such an environment for all prospective students who aim at discovering their true potential and polishing existing skills. There are numerous research opportunities even at the Bachelor level and students get to display their creativity and translate theoretical knowledge into practical projects via Engineering Fairs and Exhibitions organized all year round by the University. This offers excellent industry exposure and creates prospective job opportunities for students as well.

In addition, Debrecen is a very student friendly city with amazing cultural and international diversity and this makes for a very smooth adjustment for students coming from any background around the world. If you want to strike the perfect balance between social and academic activities and partake in a truly meaningful degree program, University of Debrecen is an excellent platform that offers all that and more."


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Faculty: Science and Technology     Program: Electrical Engineering, BSc


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