International Foundation Year

Starting date: September

Duration: 10 months

Language requirements: Basic English language proficiency 

Academic requirements: high school certificate; or 12 years of education; or British curriculum (5 O' level + 3 AS' level/2 A' level exams)

Short description: 
For those students who require additional instruction or review in sciences and in English language we offer foundation year courses to prepare them to study in their chosen degree program. Students successfully finishing the International Foundation Year program with an average of 4.0 in one of the semesters, and 3.5 in the other, are guaranteed admission into any engineering, IT, agriculture  or business program. Others can take an entrance examination.

Offering a wide range of courses, including intensive English language study, which bridges the gap between the students' current qualifications, background, knowledge and skills required for honors courses, the International Foundation Year provides students with the necessary skills to proceed to study their chosen discipline.

Education of basic science subjects - biology, physics, mathematics and chemistry is quite demanding in Hungarian High Schools. The Foundation Year program is recommended for those applicants who do not have enough knowledge in biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics or in any of these subjects according to Hungarian standards, and need further studies and a period for acclimatization before entering an engineering, IT or business program. In addition to these basic scientific subjects, courses in Academic English and Hungarian languages are also included in the program. 

The preparation of foreign students, to enable them to successfully learn subjects at the University of Debrecen, is carried out according to the curriculum of the foundation year. During this time, several subjects will be taught to students: standard English language, professional English language, Hungarian language for foreign students, and optionally, - depending on prospective studies, ­- mathematics, IT skills and biology, chemistry, or  physics. The language courses may be supplemented by laboratory exercises.

Basic science subjects – mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry – IT skills, general English, professional English, Hungarian as a foreign language.
In the frame of the International Foundation Year Program students have to choose one of the following specializations, depending on which major they wish to apply for:

  • Information Technology 
  • Physics-related Engineering, or Science
  • Chemistry-related Engineering, or Science
  • Business


Tuition Fee:
 6,000 USD
One time fees: application fee 150 USD, entrance procedure fee 350 USD

More information about the program here.