Faculty of Music


  • the Faculty plays a significant role in the education of the next generation of musicians in the region, country and is also a center of the cultural life of the University, the region and the city of Debrecen
  • graduates from the bachelor’s courses can fill any position in the labour market that does not require a teaching certificate, and it also partly enables them to perform music-related work independently
  • due to the specific features of the profession, certification as performer enables graduates to work in theatres, professional orchestras or choirs
  • the Master’s degree also prepares the way for being professional concert artists, and for entering doctoral studies
  • through its international relationships, the Faculty provides study opportunities in partner institutions abroad, and also brings visiting professors to the campus in Debrecen on a regular basis
  • skills development work is done in a special community format, which creates the personal atmosphere that is conducive to artistic activity 
  • in addition to activities requiring individual preparation, chamber music groups, choirs, the symphonic orchestra, the percussion and the wind ensembles of the Faculty also provide opportunities for practising musical jobs in reality playing music together
  • various supplementary events are also held, including master courses, professional days, national, international competitions and other events, such as the yearly organized Young Musicians’ Summer Academy
  • students of the Faculty have won numerous prizes at Hungarian and international competitions                               


  • the majority of the teaching staff are also well-known teachers and artists on the Hungarian and international concert scene

  • students are encouraged to participate in the talent management program of the György Gulyás Honours College

General Contact Information

Address: 4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei krt 82.
Phone/fax: 419-366 /23832, fax: 411-226
Dean: Dr. Péter Lakatos associate professor
Vice Dean: Dr. Attila Pless, college associate professor
Vice Dean for Educational affairs: Dr. Ágnes Török associate professor

Student Academic Information
Address: 4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei krt. 82.
Phone: tel.: 512-900/23812
Business hours: Monday-Friday 9.00–12.00