Faculty of Law


  • the Faculty puts significant emphasis on high-quality interdisciplinary teaching and research

  • its staff combines academic excellence with experience in legal practice, and offers its cooperation to students in achieving their individual goals

  • the Faculty is among the top law schools in Hungary, and has been receiving high marks in national student satisfaction surveys (

  • the Faculty was re-opened in 1996 after a 47 year intermission following the suspension of legal education in Debrecen by the communist regime

  • today the Faculty of Law is a fully accredited law school offering Hungarian J.D. and paralegal programs, a  4-year research degree (Ph.D.) in law and public administration in both Hungarian and English, and a 1-year-long fully English language LLM program in European and International Business Law

  • the Faculty has around 2500 undergraduate and postgraduate students including foreign students from Europe, Asia and Africa

  • undergraduates may join two degree courses, a paralegal BA (3 years) or a master level (J.D.) university degree in law (5 years)

  • BA students having obtained their first degree may wish to continue their studies in a 3-year conversion course in law to obtain a full law degree

  • ​the Law School also offers a 1 year fully English language postgraduate LLM program in European and International Business Law for Hungarian and foreign students as well (admission requirement is a Bachelor degree of law)
  • students interested in obtaining a higher degree by research may join our Ph.D. program available in Hungarian and English language as well

  • the Law School is also engaged in professional legal education offering postgraduate professional degrees in specialized areas of Hungarian law and in European Union law

  • the law Curriculum, as in case of any law faculty of Hungary, covers modules in

    • history of law
    • Roman law
    • constitutional law
    • civil law
    • criminal law
    • administrative law
    • jurisprudence
    • politics
    • civil and criminal procedural law
    • European Union law
    • public international law
    • labor law
    • agricultural law
    • environmental law
    • financial law
    • commercial and business law
    • criminology, etc.


  • the European and International Business Law LLM program covers courses on                                                                     ​
    • international sale of goods
    •   European company law
    •   comparative contract law
    •   private international law
    •   European and international labor and social law
    •   legal writing in English
    •   international business transactions
    •   institutions of the European Union
    •   harmonization of laws in the EU
    •   internal market law
    •   international commercial arbitration, etc.
    • studies are concluded with a defense of the thesis and a final exam 


  • the Faculty has 12 departments and an international legal language department
  • teaching and research activities of the faculty cover almost all areas of jurisprudence and state administration sciences, and are well-known and recognized on a national and international level
  • an important objective of the PhD program is to contribute to the education of the next generation of academics
  • research activities are supported by the impressive collection of the Law Library

General Contact Information

Address: H-4028 Debrecen, Kassai út 26.
Phone: +36 (52) 512-701, fax: +36 (52) 512-706 (Dean’s Office)

Dean: Dr. Veronika Tünde Szikora associate professor
Vice deans:
Vice Dean for financial and academic affairs: Dr. Mátyás Bencze associate professor
Vice dean for international affairs and innovation: Dr. Tamás Fézer associate professor
Educational affairs: Dr. Zsuzsanna Árva associate professor

Student's Office Information

Registrar’s Office
Address:  H-4028 Debrecen, Kassai út 26.
Phone: +36 (52) 512-707, +36 (52) 512-700 /75811 /75812, fax: +36 (52) 512-706
Business hours: Monday, Wednesday 13.00–16.00, Tuesday, Thursday 8.00-12.00, Friday 8.00-12.00, 12.30-13.30.