Faculty of Humanities


  • the Faculty of Humanities primarily serves the task of training university-level scholars and teachers from the region  
  • an increasing number of students come and study here from different parts of the country and from several other countries in Europe  
  • for decades, the Faculty has been one of the highest-ranking units of higher education in Hungary coming fourth out of more than 160 faculties of the country and second best among the faculties of Arts and Humanities recently. A major asset of the Faculty is its versatility: traditional, classic university degree courses exist side by side with recently emerging programs
  • another major forte of the Faculty is languages: in addition to Bachelor’s courses in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Latin, Polish and Russian, students may also study Bulgarian, Chinese, Finnish, Japanese, Spanish and Ukrainian
  • a wide range of specializations are available in the 19 Bachelor’s programs, after which one can choose from 19 disciplinary and 10 teacher training Master’s programs Research
  • the Faculty has 4 doctoral schools running 9 PhD programs
  • the Research groups supported by the Hungarian Academy of Science play an important role in the research conducted at the Faculty through the members of the Academy, its professors, as well as its highly qualified faculty members and researchers, the Faculty is an important base for the Arts and Humanities in Hungary



General Contact Information Address:
4002 Debrecen,  Pf. 400.
Phone: 52/512-900/22701, 22170, 22172, 316-210 (Department Of Administration)
Fax: 412-336
Dean: Dr. Róbert Keményfi, Professor
Vice deans:
Educational affairs: Dr. Levente Takács associate professor
Strategic and economic affairs: Dr. Péter Csatár assistant professor

Student Academic Information Address:
4032 Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1. Rooms: 332, 333, 335/a
Phone (Registrar’s Office): tel.: 52/512-900/22171, 23382 
Fax: 52/412-336
Business hours: Monday–Friday 9.00–12.00