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High-Tech Instruments For A UD Faculty

Richter Gedeon Plc. donated biotechnological instruments to the amount of 38 million HUF to the Faculty of Science and Technology of UD for educational and research purposes. The high-tech devices will be used in the laboratories of the Institute of Biotechnology.

The pharmaceutical company donated fermenters, cell culturing devices, and other related instruments to the Faculty of Science and Technology of UD to help biotechnological research and development. Dean Ferenc Kun believes that the new instruments will greatly contribute to education and research in biotechnology, a dynamically growing area of science.

- These innovative devices, which would cost much more than 38 million if we had to buy them, will be used by the youngest unit of the faculty, the Institute of Biotechnology, launched in 2007. Importantly, the donation was made by a partner company that greatly relies on our faculty both in terms of R&D and educational activities. These devices will allow students to learn and use cutting-edge technology in a practice-oriented programme – explained Ferenc Kun.

Dávid Domonkos, director of the Institute of Biotechnology, pointed out that the new devices will support one of the fastest-growing areas of biotechnology, animal cell culturing.

- Owing to this donation, we can install a laboratory that will be in line with our strategic objective: to educate young professionals equipped with marketable knowledge and ready to work instantly –  Dávid Domonkos told He added that besides the education of bioengineers and biotechnology professionals, the new instruments will also be used in research and development, and in postgraduate programmes based on contracts with companies operating in this field of science.

- The new devices can be used in processes that require cell culturing, in pharmaceutical research, diagnostics, and even in research programmes studying genetic modification, said Dávid Domonkos.

In addition to the training of its employees, Richter Gedeon also puts emphasis on social responsibility, including supporting science education in Hungary. The company has established partnership with a number of universities, including the University of Debrecen. It provides facilities for practical training, and opportunities for students studying in relevant programmes for writing their thesis or PhD work.

The assessment of the equipment is currently underway. According to plan, the instruments will be available for students in the next semester.

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