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Among the best in Europe

The UD has made it to the list of Europe Teaching Rankings 2019 made by Times Higher Education in terms of teaching excellence for the first time ever, coming out immediately as a finalist among Hungarian universities. The ranking examined 258 institutions of higher education of 18 countries.

The University of Debrecen has made it to the top European universities on the Ranking of the British Times Higher Education Europe (THE) Teaching Rankings 2019 in terms of teaching excellence. The ranking of THE, which has been published for the second time only, is the first international ranking to focus exclusively on teaching and learning by examining resources, commitment, results and environment.

The Europe Teaching Rankings evaluates universities’ teaching excellence along 14 indicators, including taking students’ needs into account, size of the university’s resources,  its reputation, ratio of graduates, opportunities for mastering competencies  necessary in the world of work, teaching and learning environment, inclusivity of training and the international character of the university.

The University of Debrecen has made the 151-200 ranking position, overtaking ELTE.  UD received the highest scores in the „commitment” category, which evaluates students’ recommendations, their inclusion in teaching, their commitment, and relations with the labor market. Of Hungarian universities Semmelweis University, and Szent István University also made the ranking. The ranking is headed by the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and the University of Navarra.

- The fact that the University of Debrecen is regarded as one of the best European universities in terms of excellence is an outstanding achievement. This truly reflects the university’s endeavour to grant the highest possible level, competitive knowledge and internationally recognised university degrees to both Hungarian and foreign students, Ákos Pintér, vice rector for the University of Debrecen told

The data necessary to prepare the ranking were partly provided by the institutions but questionnaires sent out to students were also used, as were questionnaires completed by academicians’ opinions  as well as the bibliometric data provided by Elsevier. 

The ranking was open to institutions of countries with full membership status of the European Economic Area and the European Higher Education Area that offer accredited bachelor’s and/or master’s programmes, have training in numerous fields, and have at least 3000 students in their B.A./B.Sc. training.

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