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UD Mediversity – A New Medical App

The University of Debrecen has developed a unique medical application for mobile devices. UD Mediversity, which also works offline, helps users navigate among the services of the Clinical Centre. The free application can be downloaded to mobile devices with an Android or iOS operating system.

The new app developed by UD includes functions for searching for a doctor, a consultation or a location, as well as a blood pressure log. The application, UD Mediversity, provides patients and family members with up-to-date information through their smart phones. Users can search for doctors by various criteria like specialist area and name, and they can save results as favourites.

- One of the key features of the app is the instant call and navigation functions that can be launched by a single tap. Navigation leads the user right to the entrance of the clinic they are looking for. Finding your way in the area of the Clinical Centre is made easy by the location search function. Users can also save the data of consultations or clinics they frequently visit as favourites – explained Szilvia Vincze, head of the VIR Centre that developed the app.

The website of the Clinical Centre, which was renewed half a year ago, also provides patients with useful information. However, the new application represents a new level in informing patients in a patient-friendly way. With a user-friendly design, which is in line with the unified graphic design of the university, the app has been developed specifically for mobile devices, so that users can easily use its functions on their smartphones. Most importantly, the app works offline as well.

The auxiliary functions of UD Mediversity also allow the storage of personal information, for example users can record their blood pressure values in a log. Based on the data entered, the application generates a diagram, providing visual information on how the values have changed over time. Data are always at hand, and can be shared or forwarded with only a few taps. The application warns the user if the values are too high or too low. Another useful function is the document library. After taking a picture of their clinical evidence or lab results, users can save this information in the library, where it is accessible with a single tap.

The new app of UD is available for mobile devices with an Android or iOS operating system for free. Developers are planning to enhance the capabilities of the app with new functions and information: According to plan, data of the Kenézy Gyula University Hospital will be loaded into the application this spring.


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