The tie that binds through five generations 25. Jan. 2024

Greta Grof-Tisza is studying at the English speaking program of the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Commerce and Marketing. She lives with her family in Aspen, Virginia, USA.

- I was visiting my grandparents and family in Debrecen a few years ago and was immediately struck by the atmosphere of the city. That's why I thought I might as well go to university here, and since my parents supported the idea, I chose the University of Debrecen," says Greta, who was welcomed by Rector Zoltán Szilvássy and Chancellor Zoltán Bács in the Rector's Office on Wednesday.

Greta knew that she was a descendant of the former Prime Minister, but this was the first time she had seen her great-great grandfather's legendary furniture and his portrait in the Rector's Council Chamber, which immediately revealed her resemblance to István Tisza.
- I had no idea that István Tisza's legacy would be so significant here at the University of Debrecen. It was very interesting and moving to see and experience at this meeting what he did for the university and for Hungary. I feel lucky to be here and to be able to study here," said Greta Grof-Tisza.
Although her parents, two younger sisters and younger brother live in the United States, the future marketing professional envisages a job in Hungary or even here in Debrecen after graduation.

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