Debrecen University promoting the training of engineers in Transylvania and Partium 19. Jan. 2024

Ten Mechanical Engineering students, the first to pass the state exam in Debrecen University’s outsourced education at Partium Christian University in Oradea, Romania, were greeted at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Debrecen. This type of education was started in September 2020 with 25 students, in Debrecen’s sister city, on the bank of the river Körös. Currently, there are 63 students in three grades, said Tamás Mankovits, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering.

Debrecen University’s vice rector for educational affairs congratulated the newly graduated students, as well as their teachers and everyone involved in this education.

- The promotion of higher education in Hungarian language beyond Hungary is one of Debrecen University’s most important missions. We cooperate with numerous foreign institutions; outsourced education is a form of such cooperation. Our joint aim with Partium Christian University is to obtain Romanian accreditation for this type of education as soon as possible, Elek Bartha said.

Sándor Nagy, coordinator of the education in Oradea and Chairperson of the State Examination Committee, recalled the issues that arose when the outsourced department began its operation, such as whether there would be enough teachers, students, or internship opportunities. The Covid-19 pandemic also caused problems, but eventually, every difficulty was overcome.

- I hope the new graduates will very soon find their places in the society and bring good news of Debrecen University and Partium University, he said.
The main goal of the University of Debrecen is to strengthen and expand the Hungarian-speaking intelligentsia in Romania and Transylvania, said András Jávor, professor emeritus of Debrecen University, Chief Adviser to the Rector, Vice Chairperson of the Cross-Border Committee of the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference, and professional head of the European Union tender that allowed the creation of this type of education.

- One can fill a leading position only if she or he has a degree. The knowledge you have got here and the leading position you will fill can greatly contribute to the development of the society and the Hungarian minority. We also believe that with a degree from Debrecen University, one can find a job anywhere in the world, he added.
The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering has indicated that because Debrecen and Oradea are close to each other geographically, it is logical that they share certain tasks in the field of education. The proportion of students from Partium in this major is around 8-10 percent.

- To me, the Mechanical Engineering major outsourced in Oradea is the same as the one that is set to start in Szolnok soon, but Szolnok is within Hungary, said Géza Husi, who got one of his degrees in Oradea in English language.
The head of the faculty has added that it also makes degrees obtained from Debrecen University esteemed that the university is regularly ranked highly in various international university rankings.

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