Pharmacists of the future compete 01. Dec. 2023

The competition started with a test, then the organizers simulated a pharmacy situation, where three Hungarian and seven foreign students of the University of Debrecen's Faculty of Pharmacy (DE GYTK), two fourth-year and eight fifth-year students, had to help two patients visiting the pharmacy.

István Lekli, Associate Professor and Deputy Dean of Education at DE GYTK, said: a young man wanted to buy his grandmother's medicine and some supplements for her dizziness. In the course of the conversation with the patient, the contestant had to find out that dietary supplements could not cure his grandmother's dizziness, and also that his grandmother's dizziness was caused by taking one of her medicines at the wrong time. The other patient was a 55-year-old teacher who had developed a urinary problem over the last few months, caused by one of her blood pressure medications.

In both cases, the contestants had to explore the problems, give professional advice and make suggestions by asking questions and using the information on the prescriptions.

In addition to solving the problems, the professional jury also assessed the student's communication skills, professionalism and ability to solve the problems.

- One of the main objectives of the competition, which is also one of the cornerstones of the profession of pharmacists, is to provide appropriate professional assistance to pharmacists with a variety of complaints. The other main objective is to see how the students can put into practice the knowledge they acquire during their university years, translating it into useful knowledge, advice and ultimately care for lay people," said István Lekli.

The winners of this year's competition will receive professional recognition, a scholarship supplement and a place in the finals of the National Pharmacist Care - Patient Counselling Competition.

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