A world-class student at the Faculty of Economics of Debrecen University 30. Nov. 2023

Refinitive Workspace for Students is a platform where students can simulate investments with real stock market data. In the competition, which was announced for universities of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the Middle East and Africa (CEEMA), students from 46 institutions, including the University of Debrecen took part. Patrícia Becsky-Nagy, the Head of the Department of Finance, nominated five students, who competed against each other in the first, one-month investment stage of the competition. In the ranking prior to the semi-final, Ádám Lengyel, final-year Bachelor’s student of Finance and Accounting, Balázs Vincze and Kristóf Zsurka, third year Bachelor’s students of Business Administration and Management realized the 10th, 11th and 18th best yield, respectively. 

In the quarter-finals, the international jury comprised the organizers of the competition who evaluated the students based on their three-minute-long presentations. Then, the ten students, who advanced to the finals, were allowed to the modify their presentations for the finals, aware of their points obtained during the quarter-finals. In the presentations, the students demonstrated their results, and in addition to the yield of their portfolio, the long-term relevancy of their short-term investment strategy, the adaptation to daily global trends, the theoretical basis of their portfolio selection (Sharpe Index), and the ESG strategy were also important aspects of the evaluation.

Two students of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Debrecen, Ádám Lengyel and Balázs Vincze advanced to the semi-finals, to which the twenty best students were selected. Ádám Lengyel also made it to the final where he obtained the highest point and won the competition.

- In the investment stage, the students worked on their own, I could only help them with a few strategic hints. In the semi-final and final, however, I was their mentors and gave them advice about what should be elaborated or changed in their presentations, how to support a strategy with theoretical connections, and what questions could be expected. Thus, they were able to prepare in advance, and fortunately, those questions came in eventually – said Patrícia Becsky-Nagy, who is a tutor of Ádám Lengyel in the Talent Management Program of Debrecen University as well.

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