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Green light to the construction of the Learning Center

The modern, multifunctional learning center of UD, a 3 billion HUF development, will be completed at the end of 2019. Preparation works started in early September.

The new building will be located at the Egyetem square campus, on a triangle-shaped lot, behind the Chemistry building, opposite the Institute for Sport Sciences. The planned budget of the development is HUF 2.8 billion. The facility will serve as a community-building tool by integrating students from various nations, also taking into consideration the specific needs of individual cultures. The multifunctional learning center will allow students to study alone or in small groups. In addition, lectures and exams will also take place in the building.

The 3-storey, 7,000 sqm facility will have a reinforced concrete structure, with a parking lot for 80 vehicles in the basement and a light-structure roof level for mechanical installations. On the ground level there will be a lobby, a 299-seat auditorium, a buffet, offices, public areas and service areas. Small gardens will be installed in front of the entrances. On the first floor open-space studying boxes will be established, separated by light-structure walls. On the 2nd floor a 200-seat exam room, lecture, consultation and praying rooms will be constructed, while on the 3rd floor a server room and utility rooms will be located.

As part of the preparation works, new gas pipes will first be installed. The district-level gas pressure control station will be relocated to the line of the western fence of the Egyetem square campus (the Dóczy street side). At the location of the new gas station and along the new gas pipes protective zones will be established, which will involve the reorganisation of vegetation.

The site has already been surveyed with the involvement of biologists and botany experts. According to their opinion, the vegetation was partly cut down about 25-35 years ago, and at the same time mostly invasive trees were planted among the few old and valuable common oaks.

With the consent of the experts and based on the expert's opinions, these trees will be cut down soon, and common oaks and common hackberry trees will be relocated along the line of the new gas pipe.

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