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“Beastly” yoUDay Clip Premieres

The freshers of the University of Debrecen have been the first to see the clip of the song shot for the unique semester opening stadium show called yoUDay. The joint video clip featuring the band Animal Cannibals and singer Andi Tóth is now accessible on the university’s youtube channel.

The rap duo Qka MC és Ricsipí is already familiar to folks at the University of Debrecen, as they had mc-ed both the 2016 and 2017 yoUDay event. This year, the theme song of yoUDay is going to be their LGT cover called Péntek [Friday]. The third artist contributing to this joint recording is the talent show winner Andi Tóth.

The video clip of the cover version was made during the summer, and it was shot by AtomicMedia on the premises of the university. Apart from the best scenes of the two previous yoUDay shows held in Nagyerdei Stadion [Big Forest Stadium], the clip also features locations like Egyetem tér [University Square], the fountain, the Main Building and the Inner Courtyard of the university, as well as the grounds of the university sports club DEAC.

The clip premiered on August 28, Tuesday, during the afternoon press tour of the largest freshers’ camp in Hungary. Chancelor Zoltán Bács, in his introduction, informed the representatives of the media about how there was a heightened interest about the September 26 event, where star performers like Ákos, Majka, and Tamás Horváth would also appear on stage in addition to the rap duo before the customary and ever-popular laser light show. However, the most notable novelty concerning yoUDay 2018 would be that a part of the arena floor is also planned to be open for spectators in addition to the grandstands. Thus, instead of the average 20-thousand crowd, there could be about 25 thousand viewers enjoying the show extraordinaire on the premises.

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